LeafLess Sphynx Cats


See you on Show!
--> FIFe WORLD SHOW MALMÖ, Sweden <--

What an Adventure!!!
We had the GREATEST weekend of all with all of our 1.BKC Family and
many more new friends from all over the world!
We still can't belive we actually were a small part of the FIFe WORLDSHOW in 2015.
The show itself was very good organized and abolutely impressive!
34!!! FIFe Judges from all over the world and almost 2000 cats.

Our Show "Star" LT*CatDomum Agatas of LeafLess got
EX1+CAC and is now FIFe Champion!
He lost the nomination for Worldwinner against a beautiful Chatreux which was way older that him.
We are SUPER HAPPY & PROUD that our Boy git an EX1 on the WORLDSHOW which, as anyone who is familiar with  FIFe Worldshow, is not that easy as  getting one on a "normal" FIFe Show but something really SPECIAL and something to be PROUD of!
Agatas was judged by Alexey Shchukin.

A thousand kisses and hugs go out to our best friends aka 1.BKC Family: 
-Steph & Brigitte from Butterflydust & Feldcundigon Cattery (especially for letting us stay at your place. You're "service" was better, sweeter and more welcoming that ANY 5 star hotel could ever be <3 ) 
and of course,
-Nadine & Regina from Sweet Suntigers & Stolzensee Cattery 

Cannot wait for more show adventures with all of you, especially at next FIFe World Show in Vienna in 2016!!!

A picture stands for a thousand words, and we took plenty of pictures

the 1.BKC Family all together <3
totally exited AND nervous at Munich airport :-D

in the plane!!! 

arrival at Copenhagen airport and later finally in Malmö City

first dinner @"Gustav Adolf" Restaurant in Malmö City with the 1.BKC Family

 FIFe Worldshow pics Day 1 & 2 mixed photos
the 1.BKC Family all together <3



the 1.BKC Family all together <3

Panorama Pic MalmöMässan Show Hall at the start of day 1

Panorama Pic MalmöMässan at the start of day 1 

Best in Show day 2- soooo many people!!!

our Boy LT*CatDomum Agatas of LeafLess being judged @FIFe Worldshow by A.Shchukin 


<3 <3 <3 <3

Wonderful Picture @FIFe World Show GALA dinner with BEST FRIENDS Steph from Cattery Butterflydust, Ndine from Sweet Suntigers & Clabacoons!
Dear Luca & Claudio- it was a PLEASURE to finally meet you in person! Hope to see you soon again

the Heart & Soul of the 1.BKC Family!
Regina from Stolzensee Cattery & Brigitte from Feldcundigons Cattery 

My FAVOURITE pic with ALL our firends in ONE picture <3
a perfect dinner to end a adventures weekend!

On our way back home from Sweden to Germany

FIFe Show Widnau, Switzerland

 We had a fantastic and very succssesful FIFe SHOW 
@Widnau, Switzerland with our dear friends!

the results:

Day 1:
LT* CatDomum Agatasn of LeafLess- EX1 + CAC
UA*Sweet Berry Emily of LeafLess- EX1+CAC, Emily is now FIFe Champion!!!

LT* CatDomum Agatasn of LeafLess- V1+CAC+ BEST IN SHOW NOMINATION (1 out of 3 votes)
UA*Sweet Berry Emily of LeafLess- EX1+CACIB

We are very proud of our Cats and had a wonderful but also exhausting time :-)
A HUGE 'thank you' goes out to our dear friends Nadine & Regina (Stolzensee Cattery) for lwtting us stay at their place for the weekend as well as many kisses and hugs go out to our dear friends Stephana & Brigitte (Butterflydust & Feldcundigon Cattery).
Congrats to all our friendsfor their cats great results at the show.

Can't wait to experience the FIFe World Show in Sweden with all of you <3

a few pictures of our weekend:




FIFe Show Offenburg, Deutschland


 We are back from FIFE SHOW @Offenburg with great results
All our cats were judged by Luis Coste! 

RU*GoldOlimp Salomeya: EX1
RU*GoldOlimp Rebecca: EX+CAC
UA*Sweet Berry Emily: EX1+CAC

LT*Cat Domum Agatas: EX1+ NOMINATED for BEST IN SHOW

(against a Egyptian Mau and a beautiful british shorthair who won)
Our super boy got one vote for BIS, showed great show temper and got many kisses from stewards and the judges.

We had a wonderful day with our friends, Stephana + Brigitte & Nadine + Regina! We also got to know new friends and had a wonderful dinner at the hotel with many members of our cat club!! 
Thank you ALL, for this wonderful day! We can't wait to see you guys on the next show



Wir beglückwünschen unsere liebsten Freunde von
Butterflydust & Feldcundigon
zu ihren tollen Show Ergebnissen!

FIFE Show Kleindöttingen, Schweiz

LT* CatDomum Agatas: EX1 & Best in Variety

UA*Sweet Berry Emily: EX1

We had a great weekend with our Breederfriends!
Thank you so much for your help and support Steph, Brigitte, Nadine & Regina!
We can't wait for the next Show with you all!!!<3