LeafLess Sphynx Cats




Emily, you just HAVE to love her. 
this sweet girl is a lot quieter and calmer than the rest of the group, for a change.
She has a very gentle and loving personality
and just wraps everyone around her paw with a looks of these ice blue eyes of hers.

I saw her on a photo and instantly fell in love with her type.
Very big and well placed ears,
a perfect profile with very good and full chin,
perfectly hairless and one of my favourite colour combinations.

Thank you, dear Yana, for this lovely girl.

color: a33 01 
HCM Echo: both parents negative
fiv/felv: negative

FIFe Show Results:
10.01.2015 EX1+CAC Jones,S.L. Kleindöttingen(CH)
14.03.2015 EX1+CAC Coste,Louis Offenburg (DE)


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