LeafLess Sphynx Cats

About us


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A small FIFE registered cattery located in Germany near Frankfurt am Main.

Our cats are actively shown to ensure they meet FIFE breed standards and of high quality.
We breed for elegance, grace and most importantly, love.
We and our cats live together in a small house.
Our Cats have access to every room and can move freely everywhere as they please.

We try to visit national and internatonal FIFE Cats Shows over the year regularly.
We are always happy to meet and talk to nice people who are interested
in Sphynxes and answer their questions.

We carefully choose our breeding males and females out of strong and healthy bloodlines as well as extravagant and impressive looks.. 

We only produce 1-2 litters per year and sell our Kittens mostely as family members
in loving pet homes. We don't sell Kittens for breeding within germany.
If you are a international breeder and are interested in one of our Kittens for your breeding program,
feel free to contact us but be prepared to answer a few questions about how your cats live.

We offer international shipping via courier- but
we would apreaciate it much more if we get to know the buyer in person.
We do not ship via cargo.
We do not sell our kittens to homes where they 
will live in cages or any form of capitvity but only to people who will give
            them a warm and loving home and treat them like the familiymembers they are.

our home:

                      LeafLess Sphynx Team L.Winter & B.Jung 
-Wir züchten nach deutschem Tierschutzgesetz-
-Wie es das hessische TSchG §11b vorschreibt, verfügen unsere Katzen über Tasthaare-

Catteryname Origin

The idea for our catteryname came from Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve only wore maple leaves to cover themselves.
And what would they be without them?
naked just as sphynx cats.